About Nancy

As Co-Editor of The Spain Scoop, Nancy has also written for Lonely Planet Magazine,      Metropolitan Magazine, Ceramics Art and Technical, etc., and travel sites. Her first writing attempt was a play written in fourth grade: “Balls Under The Christmas Tree.” Performed in the family dining room, Daisy the Cat, gave it two yawns.

The thrill of riding a camel in the Sahara under a full moon, caving in Belize, and swing dancing on a quay on the Seine, pales to everyday life in Barcelona and Toulouse. Nancy now splits her time between the two cities.

In the U.S., Nancy owned a management consulting business for fourteen years. She designed products for the gift industry, had a pottery studio, and adores her family. Nancy has not broken her addiction to the perfect Spanish dinner: a glass of white wine and hot patatas bravas. Nor does she plan to any time soon.


1 Response to About Nancy

  1. Dear Nancy , Have you ever been to Guatemala? Or Lived in Los Gatos California ? I once fell wildly in love with a woman named Nancy Tod in Guatemala . We parted suddenly and never met again . My name is Peter . Could you please tell me Yes or no was that you ?

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